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Trica Jean-Baptiste Communications, LLC. represents some of the world’s premier hotels, resorts and destinations and their expertise is in creating revenue generating PR campaigns.

The goal of Trica was to create a site that clearly communicates the company’s identity, strengths and achievements in a creative and informative fashion. The site is in essence a selling tool, as perspective clients and journalists are the targeted audience. FNSCOM provided a site where the audience clearly understands the company, its goals, and its value in the industry.

Trica is able to maintain certain areas of the site that are constantly changing through a backend application. Trica is able to upload images of articles for it's editorial coverage. There is also a media room on the site that is accessible only through a request for a username and password. Access expires after a 24 hour period to ensure that Trica is fully aware of all users entering this area of the site. She is able to upload stories and pdfs through a custom back-end maintenance site.