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The Tea Traders LLC. hired FNSCOM.COM to conceptualize and engineer their innovative vision of becoming the premier e-retailer of prestigous tea brands through their extensive catalouge of teas, tisanes, iced teas and teaware.

Firstly, FNSCOM created a fresh, innovative logo and brand that matches the youthful and vibrant energy of today's health conscious tea drinking world and in its simplicity recalls the asian history enveloped in this ancient pasttime. The seamless union of design and systems without sacrifice, was essential for this site to be a part of people's lives for today and tomorrow.

FNSCOM engineered an ecommerce site complete with all the components needed to provide the business with the necessary tool to be a successful online store today. theTEA.com not only offers customers an enormous variety of products, but also incorporates rapid ordering, customer services, news, and affiliate opportunities.

FNSCOM also designed an e-marketing campaign to position theTEA.com as the leading online retailer for all things tea.  The campaign consisted of pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, submissions as well as affiliate, vertical and email marketing.  The campaign targets direct-to-consumer business while also acting as a tea supplier to brick & mortar businesses and online storefronts. The marketing efforts conveyed theTEA.com’s unique internet business model where consumers will find all their favorite teas in one pot!