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OBM International (founded in 1936) is one of the top 250 architectural firms operating in the US with offices around the world.

OBM commissioned FNSCOM to design their corporate web presence in 1998. After three months of design and Flash programming OBMI.COM was made live to the public. The clean, crisp, and simplistic lines of the site mirror the fun- damental design principles privy to the architect while creating an easily navigable interface. The design represents the constant precision and innovation of OBM throughout the years.

The successful implementation of OBMI.COM prompted OBM International to use FNSCOM to design and program their intranet in 2002.

The principal objective of this project was to facilitate multi-office project collaboration around the world. OBMI's intranet allows its employees, clients and consultants to view and edit projects online.

FNSCOM offers Servers Co-Location and Management to OBMI.COM.