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Nautor's Swan-NewYork is one of the top factory authorized Swan brokerage agents selling new and used yachts worldwide since 1980.

The design challenge for Nautor's Swan was to create a seamless interface integrating the factory site's specifications of new yachts. In addition to news, a flexible brokerage application was necessary in order to make instant updating of sale listings and images possible for agents. This ensures that no transaction will be hindered by location or time making them one of the top sales offices internationally.

Nautor's back-end maintenance gives their agents the ability to update their News and Brokerage Listings. Their custom database allows them to display featured news articles and corresponding images through online access. Nautor's Swan internal database for brokerage is an invaluable reference by providing them with the entire Swan collection of yachts since 1967. It also serves as a sales tool for all agents updating listings daily. Their web presence makes it possible for them to provide their customers with all the information necessary to make a sale.